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2008-07-01 20:51:27 by pookicker

Sure, man, you're the best
No one will play because there's nobody left.
You've beaten them all.
You win again!
We know you are great,
can you give it a rest?


You're just a lonely soul
with only lonely friends.
A hollow mind that is echoing deaf,
you'll need somebody's brains for that empty head.
I wonder who's the lucky one that you'll eat next.

Parasitic words ooze out your mouth,
paralyzing victims that will host you now.
Choke their necks so they can't shout,
"This motherfucker will bring you down!"

That is something you feel and know.
This is one thing that I know you don't.
People don't see you like you see yourself.
They see misery and sadness that they can't help,
so they blanket you with empathy that no one has felt,
thanking God they don't live in your personal hell.
But you should be grateful!
They totally understand!
No one does pathetic as great as you can!

I wish...

2008-06-26 01:25:45 by pookicker

...they made bratwurst flavored Pringles. Or maybe even bratwurst jerky. That would be good.

I also wish that capes were in style. And not the damn floral patterned sheets tied around the neck, I want to wear a real cape with my Old Navy outfit.

Busted up...

2008-06-25 14:11:03 by pookicker

So, it's been only two days since I've been on here and to my surprise, ALL of my tunage got stomped. I'm used to seeing a couple songs dropping .01 or .02 points in a day but, c'mon, all of them? And some by even .10 or more?

I must have a real fan out there. Thank you, champion of newgrounds.

It's ok, though. I've got this website to store my music and I'm just glad that a bunch of people got to hear it. I hope the ones that downloaded it got some good plays out of it, too. I'm gonna wait awhile before I upload anything and maybe whoever's going bonkers on me will settle down...


2008-06-17 03:00:55 by pookicker

I am totally disconnected from reality. When I speak, my words are invisible. I can't sleep because I'm always dreaming with my eyes open. Being a functional member of society is impossible. Writing this is merely a waste of my time. Perhaps, it's a waste of yours if you're reading this.

Being an individual is not rewarding. Being a part of a collective of individuals has no benefit other than competition. If acclaim is what everyone strives for, who really wants to give it when everybody wants to get it?

I don't want anyone's respect because respect is a bullshit virtue. I am and we are and that's it. We are people and we talk but, only my thoughts make sense. I live in four dimensions. Come here. Come to my understanding if you can handle it.

Yikes! I was really tired last night... I guess this came out. I'm genuinely an upbeat, sociable person. I think maybe a little bit of my shadow leaked out again...

I also hate to blog so, this exceptionally weird.

Just some thoughts...

2008-06-03 19:02:37 by pookicker

I really like this site. I like that anyone can make visual or audio pieces and have a community view and listen to their submissions. I personally chose to submit music because I have trouble reaching any audience.

I'd like to be original and I hope that comes across in my music. And it seems that those who have listened have been very generous to my assemblies. The only problem I have is that I still have poor popularity and it feels really crappy. Mainly because I can't change my style to fit what's hot.

The music I hear on the main page is great and quality. Hundreds of dance tracks pop up and are excellent. However, I skipped through one of them today and felt that I wasn't fair enough to the artist to vote. I actually felt bad. I'm just tired of hearing the same genre on the main page more than other, less popular, music. I mean, that's what this is about, right? Different stuff?

I do find some guys that make some great original music that I just have to 5. I think they deserve more exposure. I hope we get a shake at that spot someday so, we can get a sense of what pride in our efforts really feels like.

I'm not ranting. I'm not asking anyone to change they're preferences. I think this system is fair. I just want. Ya know what I mean?

Eh, I'm probably complaining. I really don't have much else to do. I'm gonna get off my lazy ass and mow some grass. But that sucks because I have allergies. I'm lying, I don't. I wanted sympathy. I wasn't supposed to say that. I should stop typing. Ok.


2008-05-07 16:34:34 by pookicker

I think if you aren't going to listen to a whole song and critique its interior, DON'T FUCKING VOTE.

I have respect for other artists on here and what they do. Some have similar and popular approaches and some have drastically different styles but, you gotta be fair, man. Listen.

I've read a couple other posts where they also believe little fucks zero decent music. I'm not saying mine is amazing but, no one's music deserves a zero. Everyone should at least get a one because they created something that didn't exist before.