Wow, fuck

2010-06-18 16:52:38 by pookicker

Every now and then something really surprises me. Like taking home that wasted vietnamese cosmetologist from the bar in the hopes of hitting that sweet pu-tang only to find she's a trans-gender pre-op with a penis like a meat bat. I mean, whaaaA?!?!

I just heard a tune on here that literally shocked me how good it was. I have been impressed by the quality, the feeling, the musicianship of a lot of songs on here but, cheesy lice, this one is special to me. I almost cried when it was over. I literally teared up. I realized that I don't have to make the sounds I want to hear anymore because someone else is doing it for me. And Better.

The main reason I started to mess around with music was for me and my friends to make goofy songs and play them in our cars like the coolest retards that were permitted to drive. I kept it up sporadically, filling in my bouts of disappointment with what was on the radio. That disappointment pushed me to find the sounds I wanted to hear and basically the only reason I have, sorry, had left to continue with music. (ok, one other time I heard what I wanted to hear... just check out she-nebula... its a good start for she's music)

Anyjizz, the song is Syntax (Demo) by xKore. ???? Qual to the MAx.

P.s. I'm not really going to stop with tuneage. I'm addicted to wearing reality canceling headphones.


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2010-06-18 23:32:14

Yes, that song is pretty good. I wasn't a crying point though. Just amazed but I didn't loose it. lol.

(In response to your reply on my comment on the previous news-post:) You said you look deep into my comments and responses? I can't see how anybody could look any deeper than the shallow words. Just words. I suppose I might be hard on myself, but It doesn't matter anyway, It's ok.
People are always going to out-do other people in every way. If I struggle it's only going to make a definite loss more painful. There isn't actually any point trying to be better. It's all blahh.

I knew you wouldn't ever stop with music. You can't. It wouldn't be smart really.
Headphones on = World off.