Audio Quality

2009-12-11 17:22:25 by pookicker

After my last couple of musical efforts, I've noticed that I've learned a bit more about sound clarity. I listen to the "instruments" individually and too often fall in the love with them solo, neglecting the fact that it they are a part of a collection of others. The results are heavy and soft final mixes that require some fussing with the EQ in whatever it's playing on to get some of the high end out. I might be able to fix some of the damage I've already done.

I've discovered a premaster equalizer arrangement that might raise my tunes out of the pillowy mid-range and into a higher, crispy potato chip, frequency... or what have you. This is kind of a big deal for me because I'm comfortable with how all my old tunes sound and I feel that by trying to improve them (just the sound of the already recorded MP3s, not re-touching anything in the assemblies themselves), I might lose whatever I liked about them in the first place.


Hahaa, I'm writing to myself every time I post on the internet! Truthfully, I don't give a shit about these narcissistic scribblings. Thoughts, being energy, can travel anywhere... why the hell am I wasting time talking to myself about what I want to do when I can just do it? Fucking LOLiver. Get out of your chair and climb the tree, AM DANDY. 09=10


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2010-01-02 07:03:17

I can't wait for some new stuff man

pookicker responds:

Been n Texas for a couple weeks and hope I found some new shit. Thatnks for hanging around brother!