Hello Friend

2009-12-03 21:10:09 by pookicker

So, my brain is damaged. I mean, I've been diagnosed with a disorder or two but, no one's actually peered into the mammoth shell that is my head to see if the ol' fatty electric is misfiring. Who give's a chicken, you ask? Well, I'm just sayin'. All I'm sayin' is that's all I'm sayin'. Know what I'm sayin'?

I guess I show up here every couple a weeks, which is less than I'd like to but, I'm afraid of the internet... Sucks me in... SUCKS US ALL IN!!! OH MY GAAAWWW

Point I'm trying to make and failing at: I appreciate y'allz reviews and stuff and I like to go and review the reviewer's stuff, too. I like listening and posting in big chunks, ya see. There are plenty of reviews I already have that I'm going back through until I get some new ones but, yeah... ONE FOR ME, ONE FOR YOU

Oh, and I don't know if 8mb upload restriction is gonna cut it for an idea I'm working on. That last tune, AG-D-R, was really 11.3mb and I had to sacrifice a little teeny bit of the resolution to drop it to an acceptable size. If anyone one knows of some free, large, audio storage let me know because I may eventually have a 15mb file one of these days.


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