Today, I am a fortune cookie.

2009-06-18 19:32:18 by pookicker

This is for no one.

The only way to be truly different and not conform is to never remain the same. Never own a label. Remove entitlement. Refuse to be tiered. Lay claimless and move steadfast.


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2009-08-26 14:36:57

i dont promote hate but that reply to MrCock is Epic. The equivalent of being kicked in the balls but on the internet.

I turned the way I am from alchohol and cigarettes. No im not blaming them, just congratulating them!

pookicker responds:

Lol, sometimes, the only thing a cantankerous little bastard needs is a gingerly placed scrotal stomp. And if someone is gonna troll properly, they need more than caps-lock and tired gimmick.

Hahaa! I gotta give it up to alcohol as well as his good buddies in the anti-depressant family... changed my life forever. : \